“The Jester and the Old Woman”


A jester said, perhaps in jest
Old fool, why can’t you see?
Our lord and savior’s
Come at last
Open your eyes and see
He’s come to equalize the land
Transform and change the order
Enrich the poor
And heal the sick
And make us laugh again

What’s wrong with you
Hard-headed woman?
You won’t accept his gifts
You won’t acknowledge
His eminence
His kingdom come
His will be done
His smile’s a million kilowatts
A golden halo’s on his head
And best of all
He lets us do and lets us be
What’s right in our own eyes

Why won’t you bend the knee to him?
You blind and stupid woman,
Who do you think you are?
What are you waiting for?
The King of Kings and
Lord of Lords,
You say He’s coming back?
The Jester cursed and laughed at her
And this is what he said,

Where is the promise of His coming?
We’re famished now, we thirst today!
The world goes on from day to day
And we can’t wait forever
We gladly give our birthright
To the “one”, the people’s savior
Created in our image
He feeds us what we want today


And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. ~ Matthew 24:4

“Giving honor to God, and to our lord and savior, Barack Hussein Obama” ~ Jamie Foxx, comedian, at the Soul Train 2012 Awards… and the crowd cheered

Esau – trading his birthright for a mess of pottage ~ Genesis 25:29-34

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