“The Proposal”

Wedding Rings dark bkgrd

The woman gazed across the table at her dinner companion
and considered what he’d just said

She guessed it was a proposal
A hypothetical, unromantic
Marriage proposal
And… but
Something about
A Way of Life
Not the same old beliefs
Or same old ways of worship
That their mothers and fathers had taught them
He was a forward-thinking man.

He said he’d admired this Way of Life long enough
It was time, he insisted
Would she join him in this?
Build their lives together around this?
And besides, they got on so well
And he could do so much for her
He had to know.

The woman’s heart sank
She knew that he knew
That she cared for him
She was dismayed
At this pseudo proposal
And the terms of engagement.

It seemed that many times in the past
He had judged and misjudged her
He’d mistaken her belief in a Savior named Jesus
For backwardness
And her steadfastness in Him
For narrow-mindedness
And her Joy in the Lord
For naiveté

Even so ~

Despite his mistaking
Her easygoing manner for weakness
She was stronger than she appeared
More rooted and grounded than she appeared.
Despite her modest means, she knew
She was rich beyond counting!
Her real treasure was stored up ahead
She knew the Name of God
And she would serve only Him

And besides ~

She would never agree
To be one of many brides
Despite his assurance
That this wouldn’t happen between them
And she would always seek
Uncowed by anyone
The sun’s warmth on her uncovered face
Why on earth would she agree
To anything less?
She already was on
The winning side
And leaving His side
Was out of the question
Her one true Provider
Would always be there
And would always provide

She smiled a sad smile all the same
As she gathered up her things to leave
She tenderly squeezed his hand
As she gave him her answer
And she wished this forward-thinking man
Eyes to See
Then she walked out the door
Into the cool spring evening
Without a backward glance

5 thoughts on ““The Proposal”

  1. 17 words…

    Know who you are
    Know what you want
    Know who you belong to
    Know who you represent

    This is a very meaningful poem and it depicts a confident woman who knows who she is. Wonderful imagery!!

    • Oh thank you, Yahobahne, for your beautiful words! The Lord was and is her rock. Only He could anchor the woman and keep her from being tossed by every wind and circumstance. It was hard to walk away. By His grace, she did. And in time, a wonderful, kind, thoughtful, and most importantly, Christian man came into her life, and became her husband. Praise God. I thank God every single day for my wonderful husband (smile!)

      “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path”

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