I stood before the judge
In court, my head hung low
I was burdened down with debt
That in a hundred lifetimes
I could not ever repay

I had lived large
And up until then
Indulged my every desire
The judge would throw the book at me
And deep down I knew
That I deserved it

Just then, a stranger walked in
And interrupted the proceedings
He said something to the judge
And my handcuffs were removed
I blinked in wonderment
As the judge pronounced
That my debt had been paid in full
And I was free to go

My burden was gone! I was free!
The stranger had just paid off my debt
But why, why? I wondered
Why would he do this
For someone like me?
He surely couldn’t know
How unreliable I was
What a deceitful heart I had
If only he knew
The things that I had done
And not done
How many people I’d let down
I was so unworthy

Just then our eyes met
And without a word being said
I knew that he knew
He saw right through me
And he saw it all
He saw my wretchedness
And he knew my heart
Then he reached out his hand to me
As if to say, “Follow me”

His gaze was strong and sure
His hand was steady
He was like a rock
And despite the wretch that he saw before him
He said that I could follow

I felt His warmth
His love, His truth
The only truth that I ever wanted to know
And my heart, filled with awe and joy
My debt forgiven
My tired feet unshackled
I followed Him
And will follow forever

5 thoughts on ““Forgiven”

  1. GREAT post to greet me on an Easter morning – Thank you ChristianPoetWarrior!! And how terrific was it to sing the hymn “Jesus Chris is Risen Today” in church this morning!!! Heard a couple good news things… “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven”. And a radio preacher said to “always remember that, as believers, we have already BEEN JUDGED by God and by Jesus’ blood declared righteous… thus we need only rejoice and relax as we REST in Him now and forever” – for me the past tense is a great reminder and source of joy!!


  3. Hello,
    I like your poem. It gives me a visual of what a savior God is. It actually reminds me of a scenario I was in this morning. I was at the Red Cross waiting to give blood, silently thinking about the needle stick I would have to endure.The donor before me passed by and his t-shirt said “A Blood Donor saved my Life”. And I though to myself “Hmm, a Blood Donor saved my life too: Jesus”…. 🙂
    Blessings my sister

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